Let’s meet in the kitchen!

Approach the culinary arts as a beginner, polish up your kitchen skills, find time to cultivate your passion for food and enjoy a warm, welcoming atmosphere as if you were in your own kitchen.

All this and more is what you’ll find at Romana Bosco’s “Il Melograno”, one of the first  Italian cookery schools,  a school she established in Torino and has helped flourish over the years with a loyal following  of food lovers:  from sophisticated home-makers to men learning cookery basics, to eager teenagers and children.

All the lessons are based on healthy, well-balanced cuisine, perfect for everyday cooking, but the course programme also offers more elaborate and sophisticated recipes with an eye for new food trends. This is why classes range from basic courses, repeated on a yearly basis, to ever changing thematic courses that keep up with new, evolving taste trends, to workshops on specific topics.

Each lesson is an opportunity to improve, each encounter becomes a dynamic exchange, each new dish is a mouth watering revelation, and all lessons obviously close with a tasting session!

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