Basic Cookery Course

Duration: 6 lessons
From 3-5pm or 7-10pm

The purpose of the basic course is to provide information about the correct use of ingredients which are prepared following tasty, original and healthy recipes that preserve nutrients and are easy to digest.

To learn how to achieve the best possible results, essential manual and cookery techniques are explained as well as organisational advice on how to prepare recipes and cut back on process times by choosing the right implements.

Each lesson presents a basic dish: eggs, entrées and sauces, vegetables, meat, fish, rice. After  a short introduction to the day’s topic, 4 or 5 thematic recipes are prepared followed by a dessert recipe that can be used at the end of the course to compose varied menus. All the recipes are completed, decorated and then arranged on a serving dish as if to be sent to table.

At the end of each lesson recipes are tasted, delighting  the palate and teaching participants to memorise flavours, textures and aromas.

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