Monothematic Lessons

Duration: 1 lesson
11am-2pm,  3-6pm or 7-10pm

Thematic lessons focus on specific requirements and interests.

Most lessons centre on recipes with frequently used ingredients (grains, vegetables, meat, fish, fruit). For instance: “100 different  ways to cook potatoes”, “All you need to know about oranges”, “Fish recipes galore”, “New trends: beer based meals”, and many others.

Other thematic lessons include “seasonal” buffet meals, Christmas and Easter menus and Summer cuisine.

Regional recipes are also presented by teachers who specialise in the products and cooking skills of their own regions.

Ethnic cuisine and recipes add an exotic dash: traditional and Trapani couscous, paella, Indian rice, Thai cuisine, Mexican food and lots more.

Lastly,  “Cooking for coeliacs”  caters for food intolerance issues.

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